Friday, July 18, 2008

Work, work, work...

Fred did a lot today. He patched holes, put in the last tiny bits of drywall, and started to replace the bits of cabinet that were cut out.
According to Fred, Sher sat around and talked on the phone.

The biggest news is that they have tv now. I hooked their new digital conversion box thingies. Fred pulled an antenna cord up through one of the knots in the subfloor and drug it out the door and across the porch to the tv. They have 16 channels now!

Supper was leftovers. I'm amazed at what Sher can make in a single electric skillet. She's boiled spaghetti and potatoes and fried a variety of things. I'm surprised she's not baking in it.
Here's some pictures.

Fred crawling under the table to change the cords to plug in the tv box.

A mudded and taped wall

One of the spots that Fred patched
A spot where Fred put in bits of drywall

A spot where the bottom of the cupboard need to be put back

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