Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Finally, we've converted.

Well, mostly. I finished copying all of the flood posts from Jill's blog to here. I did get a bit lazy at then end and just grabbed the flood stuff and left her travel and other stuff out.
Anyway, it's all here that's gonna be.

Today, Sher did her errands as expected and also finished washing the duct work in the basement. Fred went for drywall and also got some sort of contraption that keeps you from putting the screws in too far. (I'm sure there's a dirty joke in there somewhere, feel free to add it by clicking 'comments' at the end of this post.)

Rob went over to help unload the drywall. He didn't stay for lunch as he felt that the manual labor had earned him a Big Mac. After he left, Fred decided to remove the last of the sand bags from the spot between the garage and the shed/crap pile. He said he didn't have Rob help because it was moldy and gross and Rob was wheezing a bit. I guess it made more sense to have a 67 year old with a cardiac history move heavy, moldy sand bags than a somewhat large 33 year old with mild asthma.
I wouldn't have touched those sand bags with a hazmat suit. Not because of the flood poo, but because that's where everybody peed after the water was turned off. For some reason I'm more repulsed by the pee that I know than the poop that I don't.

Which brings us to food:
Fred was grilling 'tater wedges and pork steaks when I stopped after work. It smelled pretty good even though I'm not a fan of the pig products.

In other pig news, I ate 2 pork products over the holiday weekend. Keith cooked bacon, eggs, and pancakes and it was spectacular. The bacon was from the Edgewood Locker. They have great stuff. The other pork was at Stan's fireworks event. His neighbor Gerald, of lifting fame during the flood, roasted some hog parts with some sort of spicy rub stuff on it. Also, really fabulous.

I seem to be off on a non-flood tangent so I'll close here for today. No pictures again, I suck. I'll make sure I have some of the drywalling events of the coming weekend.

One other quick tangent: This woman reminds me, in the best possible ways, of all of the women in the greater Wagner family...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

I show up for the food posts and stay for the flood posts :-) But it's so cool to be here in Illinois and see Iowa references that I know about. Every deer-huntin' man in my family has used the Edgewood Locker to deal with their deer butchering. Mmmmmmm, Edgewood Locker bacon [drool].