Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Fred.

It's Fred's birthday today. He got some solar tiki torches from Sher to round out his total tiki count to 6. He spent most of the day fishing with Bill. They got some nice walleyes down by the VFW.

Sherry ordered some flooring!! Here's the pictures.

Bamboo for where the wood used to be.

Cork in the kitchen.

Congoleum in the back entry, laundry, bathroom area.
They've also talk to an installer, so things are moving along.

In other news, Sher ran over her cell phone with the pick up. I'm not sure how, but it was busted. So we got her a new one, same number and similar to her old one, so she should still be able to answer.

I got a new camera, so was able to take some much better picture. But, I forgot to put the memory card in, so I ran out of store space before I got pictures of the inside of the house. So, while there has been some painting and things done, I mostly have pictures of outside stuff.

Painted bedroom

One of Sher's begonias

Pepper from the garden

Tomato plant


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