Saturday, July 19, 2008

range vs cooktop

Sher and I went on another quest for appliances today. The current dilema is whether it's better (cheaper) to get a cooktop and wall oven or a regular range. The trouble is that they need a down draft and most of those are from jenn air. The first jenn air that they had in the eighties was great, but the one they bought just a few years ago was crap. So now they were looking at a cooktop with a separate fan and a wall oven just to avoid to jenn air, but that's pricey and is complicated to place in the kitchen. So the search continues.

We did manage to get a cabinet and some more floor options for the main bath. If she decides she likes the roll of vinyl that we picked up, that could be done some time this week and they'd actually have a room on the main floor that had floor!

Fred went fishing this morning and was going to continue to put the bottoms back in the cabinets but the lumber yards closed before he go there.

On the food front, we had BBQ from Zippy's. It was good.

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