Sunday, July 13, 2008

And on the 7th day...

Well, it's about the 37th day, but you get the idea. Today was a resting day. Fred, Brian, and Carl went fishing. They only caught a few fish, but it was really nice out so no one seemed to mind that they weren't biting very much.

Shelly, Sher, and I hung out at the house and looked at kitchen stuff. We went for a little walk to enjoy the weather a bit.

Rob came over once everyone returned to Fred and Sher's and we had a lovely lunch of sloppy joe's that Rob made.

Billie and Keith came over for a visit after lunch and hung out for a bit.

Now everyone has gone home. This week it will be getting someone it to do the 'mudding and taping' along with picking floors.

Only a couple pictures today:

Fred and Sher's looking from the former railroad bridge. This is a good shot of the now longer sandbar.

Looking upriver from the same bridge.

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Jill said...

that picture of the house is a nice contrast with one of the flood photos