Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Updates and Updates

I have been working on getting the flood related posts from the 'other blog' moved over here for historical purposes as I'm sure we'll win a Peabody or something.
I have a good chunk of them moved, but the pictures are a pain.

Anyway, today's flood update. (Floopdate?)

Sher's college friends Carol and Alice came up today and helped finish the scrubbing of studs (not as titillating as it sounds) and paint them with Kilz. They nearly finished the painting, just a few spots that Sher can finish up.

Not sure what Fred did today either beyond fixing the ice maker water thingy that started to leak. Oh wait, he cut a hole in the bottom of the vanity in the small bathroom and worked on cleaning that out. He also got the air exchanger for the AC out of the basement and one of the curmudgeons (how is that spelled??) came over just in time to help haul it out. I guess it was a pretty big day.

I also heard that Brian, Shelly, and their son Karl are coming up up this weekend to do some drywalling. Brian you know from the demolition adventures. Carl (I'm spelling it each way so at least one will be right) does drywalling which is great. It will be interesting to see who gets to be in charge between him, Brian, and Fred.

Sher's planning on doing some errands tomorrow for paper work type things. Fred's going to pick up drywall and whatever else catches his eye at Menard's. (He comparison shopped the Sunday ads for the best price.)

Sorry- no pictures today. I'll try to grab a few tomorrow and throw them in.

And now I must go to bed as it is 1:30am and I have to work tomorrow.

Oh- today's food:
Lunch: I'm not sure what Fred, Sher, and helper's had today, but I had Pablo's- a local burrito joint. Very good. (I know the point is to let people know that Fred and Sher are eating, but I was really excited about my veggie quesadilla.)

Supper: 2 meats- Meatloaf from Gram- good. Pot Roast that Rob made- good. Veggies that I nuked- ok.


Jill said...

you're a pretty clever writer. thanks for updating.

Pamela said...

I think your 'voice' is wittier. Mine's more sarcastic. Perhaps I'd be better suited if someone we didn't like was flooded and we were mocking their pain.