Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2 Update

I haven't gotten the flood update this evening. At noonish the house was still drying, the stairs were still not opened up, but Stan had come to get his giant generator and move some stuff out of the neighbor's yard back into Sher's yard (some piece of equipment). Sher had pulled nails out of wall studs until the house got too hot from the dehumidifiers. She's going to find out how long before she can paint those with Killz and get the wallboard back up.

Sher is also researching floors to replace the hardwood. She is thinking cork for the kitchen.

Here is some back story that didn't make it in earlier blogs.

Fred said that for the next flood he has that 10 sand bag system (just block the holes in the foundation rather than trying to build a levee).

Pam suggested a 2 bullet system instead. One for Fred to shoot himself. And one for Sher to make sure he's dead... (we're not a nice people...but we DO show up if you actually survive the disaster. And if you don't survive the disaster we make sure there is plenty of jell-o salad at the funeral. It's the least we can do.)

Fred and Sher will be going to Elkader for a day over the 4th which is nice. A little break will do them good. There isn't that much left that can be done by them personally until it's time to paint and paper. I wonder if Sher can contract herself to do the work...then use a Small Business Administration loan to pay herself. If Cheney/Haliburton can do it, why not Sher?(sorry...politics just snuck in there)

OH MY GOD!!! I forgot to ask what they ate today!! Damn.

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