Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another day of kitchen business

So, here's what was going on when I got there this morning. I was a bit late, but still, they were pert-near done when I arrived. Slugs, shown below, was working on trim for the soffit (I still didn't look up how to spell that.)

Here's where we were when I left, or just about. The hole next to the fridge is where the micro goes, it needed a little stain which was still drying when this picture was taken.
Then we had pizza and chicken from the Pizza Ranch for lunch. Sorry I didn't get a picture.
Everyone left by 2 or so to get home at a decent time.

Fred and Sher really appreciate the help and someday, they'll invite people over for fun, not hard labor!

And now for the obligatory close-up flower and bird.

I am pretty impressed with my bird today.

Still more progress.

Sara, Slugs, Brian, and Shelly are here installing the rest of the kitchen cupboard!

Here's the beginning of the day,

Here's one of the beautiful cabinets that Slugs rebuilt.

You may remember from past posts that we've had some issues with the water hose that feeds the fridge. This shot should look somewhat familiar.
But a 6th trip to the hardware store for a new connector, a few snip and curses, and were were back in the ice business once again.

Here's where we were by the end of the day.

So, there's still a few soffit (sp?) cupboards to put in and then getting drawers and things back in place and we'll be ready for counters, sink, and flooring. Hopefully all of those will be taken care of over the few weeks!
And in closing, my luckiest get of the day, some Norwegian wisdom from Brian. (Warning: There's cursing.)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's try some video!

I'm going to attempt to load up some short videos of the events of yesterday- here's hoping!

This is some early work.

More cupboards being placed!

Unfortunately, I was the one holding the camera, but Sher made the same comment that I did. Don't let her fool you, she's as crude as the rest of us!

If this goes well, I'll take some more during the next kitchen event currently scheduled for January 17.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

1/3rd of a kitchen

We have cabinetry!

Here are some cabinet pictures and such! (I'll fill in the details later, I'm typing on the laptop on the couch and it makes for too many typos!)

Jill...filling in a bit based on chatting with Pam on the phone yesterday. I'll put my stuff in a lovely purple color

New bookcase insert in the living room.


Apparently in this kitchen area there was much heaving and shoving to get the counter in place. Removal of counter, filing of imaginary blockages and snags...more shoving...more filing (and with Fred and Slugs shoving there was some heft behind the shove). Then Fred said "oh, this must be it", lifted the countertop up a bit and it went right into place. Pam thinks that there may have been some farting and what not.

Kitchen [nice posture boys]

Cupboard in the dining room- it's not crooked, my picture is.
The crew... [this is Sara Jane and Slugs/Bob showing their lovely parting gifts. Sara got a trout fishing vest and trout christmas ornament. Bob got a gift certificate to Menards or similar store. They look delighted. Slugs looks like Santa in this picture]
Fish ornament.

Fred's Amaryllis (I feel I must include a flower close up.)