Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another day of kitchen business

So, here's what was going on when I got there this morning. I was a bit late, but still, they were pert-near done when I arrived. Slugs, shown below, was working on trim for the soffit (I still didn't look up how to spell that.)

Here's where we were when I left, or just about. The hole next to the fridge is where the micro goes, it needed a little stain which was still drying when this picture was taken.
Then we had pizza and chicken from the Pizza Ranch for lunch. Sorry I didn't get a picture.
Everyone left by 2 or so to get home at a decent time.

Fred and Sher really appreciate the help and someday, they'll invite people over for fun, not hard labor!

And now for the obligatory close-up flower and bird.

I am pretty impressed with my bird today.