Saturday, January 3, 2009

1/3rd of a kitchen

We have cabinetry!

Here are some cabinet pictures and such! (I'll fill in the details later, I'm typing on the laptop on the couch and it makes for too many typos!)

Jill...filling in a bit based on chatting with Pam on the phone yesterday. I'll put my stuff in a lovely purple color

New bookcase insert in the living room.


Apparently in this kitchen area there was much heaving and shoving to get the counter in place. Removal of counter, filing of imaginary blockages and snags...more shoving...more filing (and with Fred and Slugs shoving there was some heft behind the shove). Then Fred said "oh, this must be it", lifted the countertop up a bit and it went right into place. Pam thinks that there may have been some farting and what not.

Kitchen [nice posture boys]

Cupboard in the dining room- it's not crooked, my picture is.
The crew... [this is Sara Jane and Slugs/Bob showing their lovely parting gifts. Sara got a trout fishing vest and trout christmas ornament. Bob got a gift certificate to Menards or similar store. They look delighted. Slugs looks like Santa in this picture]
Fish ornament.

Fred's Amaryllis (I feel I must include a flower close up.)

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