Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm stuck inside today. It's icey, really icey, so I tried to find a million other things to do than update the blog but
couldn't come up with anything. It's the guilt. After a couple of days of missed posts, it's no big deal. After a couple of weeks, just provide some lame excuse about being busy at work. But after a couple of months, it's clearly just because I am lazy and I suck. So there you go.

Here's a bunch of updates and stuff.

These pictures ended up in the reverse order from what I wanted, but oh well.

This is a cardinal that was in the tree on Christmas day.
This is the tree.
This is a good shot of the damaged package of kitchen flooring. There's more coming to replace.
Here's the re-wallpapered back entry.

Here's the re-wallpapered laundry room. Same paper as the back entry.

Repaired wall in the basement stairway.

Fresh caulk by the living room fireplace. Done by Pat- that's why it looks nice.

New bricks by the garden. Bricks were from Kenny- Fred and Pat installed them.

This is the bride from the wedding I did in October. She's Melissa, we like her. She married my cousin Brandon, son of David, son of Billie, sister of Fred.
All the kitchen cabinets are done! Bob's hoping to come up a couple times in January and get them all installed. Then the kitchen floor can be put in and then they'll be done!
Oh, and food- For Thanksgiving at Billie's we had turkey and ham, along with 18 side dishes and 12 pies.
For Christmas, Sher make goose and chicken, taters, dressing, veg, and all the other stuff.


Jill said...

Wow...that was a lot of info.
Nice picture of the cardinal and the tree.

Pamela said...

don't get snippy.