Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A brief interlude

I took a brief interlude from the blog, and now I'll take a brief political interlude from the flood topic.

I don't want to talk about who won, 'cause that's all over the news anyway. I do want to say that I was most impressed by both candidates speeches tonight. I felt that each was gracious and generously non-partisan.
I was also thrilled at the amazing voter turn out. I think everyone should vote, or at least have the opportunity. I think we should have a door-to-door poll so that absolutely everyone can vote. And if you don't want to vote, you have to own it and not just claim it's too inconvenient. Barring that, I think we should have a national holiday for voting.

So, no matter who you supported, I hope that you give the new guy a chance.

(Next time we'll have pictures of caulk!!!)


Jill said...

I love caulk...
Also, in Washington State, they have an entirely absentee ballot system. Everyone is mailed a ballot. You can fill it out or not. You sign the envelope or something. Then put it in the mail or in a drop box or take it to the county clerk. Drop boxes are all over the place. I think Oregon does this too.

And I agree that both speeches were very gracious. I hope we can all remember that while the electoral college (don't get me started...) is a landslide...the popular vote is more evenly split. We'll all need to get along here.

petesmom said...

I also agree about the speeches, and yes, we all DO need to get along here. It's going to talk A LOT of compromise to fix even one or two of the many important problems we have going on.