Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to the new location!

This is the new location of the Wagner Flood Blog! If you want to continue reading about Jill's escapades with not washing her hair, is still up and running. This blog is so that Jill and I (Pam) can both work on keeping everyone up to date on the progress at Fred and Sher's, while keeping our person lives (e.g. blogs) separate.

I'm not sure which pictures Jill put up so far, so I apologize if there's a bit of repeating here.

Fred and Sher took a much needed break over the weekend to go to Elkader and relax.

This is Sara with part of her mother load of trout. All the trout hatcheries in NE Iowa were flooded out so there are about 100,000 extra trout floating around and apparently willing to bite on any cast. Even Slugs caught some! ;)

This is Sher back at work on Sunday- scrubbing 2x4's with bleach.

This is one of the big dehumidifiers that were running for part of last week.

This is my hand pinching off the the little hose thingy that goes into the ice maker in the fridge. It survived many things in that past months, but not Fred cutting off the tiny bit of plywood that he had painstakingly cut out around it to save it. I had to crimp it off while he ran to the basement to shut off the feed. Only a minor mishap, but a bit of a pain because of some sort of oddly complicated arrangement that connects the hose to the fridge. It's fixed now and they are back to self-sufficiency as far as ice goes.

Today was more scrubbing for Sherry. I'm not sure what Fred did for most of the day, but he was planting the veggies that Julie gave him when I stopped in after work. I didn't stay long as they were going out to eat and there was a storm blowing up.

That's all for today. Hopefully one of us will get a post up every day or two to keep every one up to date.

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