Saturday, July 12, 2008

Holy Drywall, Batman!

Holy crap! The drywall is up! I'm amazed.

Brian, Carl, Sara, Slugs, & Fred got all the drywall in today. Sher and Shelley scrubbed in the basement. Rob and I mostly roamed around and did the fetch and carry, but not too much really. Sher and Rob got lessons in how to 'mud and tape'. This is apparently the stuff you have to do to patch between the old and new wall bits. I tried a tiny bit and it was fun, but I think that's because I had no intention of doing more than a tiny spot. Sher's going to see how it goes. If she doesn't like it, she's got some names of pros who could come in and do it.

Brian, Carl, and Fred managed to get to the fishing hole by 5 or soon after. Sara and Slugs headed for home around that time too. Tomorrow is going to be fishing in the morning, and then the Ovre's are heading home.

1st and 2nd lunch today was sandwiches, fruit, and desserts from Sara and Shelly. Supper was pizza and chicken from the Pizza Ranch.

Here's some pictures of the last couple days efforts:
I'm pretty sure that this is Carl working on drywall in the living room.
This is the new drywall in the kitchen

New drywall in the guest room.

Sara putting up some sort of thingy that went under the drywall. I think we call them 'scraps'. If I am guessing right, these were necessary in some areas where there were previously 2 layers of wall for some reason.

This was what the Union Boss called "break time"

These are bad pictures of a flooring samples, just to prove that we did look at floors.

And finally, in the most exciting news of the day, my car hit 10,000 miles and I actually noticed!


Jill said...

Hey, with the weird reflection on your speedometer, it looks like you were going 120mph when you took that photo.

And the floor samples look great.

Jill said...

Oh, and for those who don't know "Ovre" is Brian, Shelly and Carl's last name.