Friday, July 11, 2008

Floors and More Floors

Jill posting today because Pam spent the day with Sher looking into the floors issue.

They got the sample of rubber flooring that I had sent, and HATED IT.
Fortunately, when they went shopping in person, they found better rubber floors.
They are made of recycled tires and other things. They do not stink as they have fully outgassed (unlike Fred who continues to outgas).
Pam said they found one sample that was a good color and matched everything from the wallpaper to the adjacent floors to the kitchen cabinets. The idea is rubber floor in bathrooms and laundry room and that weird space between the basement door and the door into the garage. These get lots of wear and tear, and lots of wetness. Rubber could be cool. It comes in rolls so shouldn't be hard to put down.

For the kitchen Pam and Sher found a sample of lovely cork in a great color.

For the rest of the downstairs (which Sher and I know now is 1080 square feet) they got a sample of bamboo. Sher thinks it is too light, Fred and Pam think it is the same color as the oak.

I am encouraging them to actually walk on, spill on, rub grit on, and whatever on, the samples. Give them a good test. I also think the rubber and cork will feel excellent to stand on. Pam is threatening to have the kitchen/baths/laundry all in rubber and the rest in cork. could be very nice for walking about.

Sher got the estimate on kitchen cabinets and it's what she expected...ergo HIGH. (let's just say her kitchen cabinets would cost more than my trailer...I don't mean one you pull behind the car, I mean one that I live in). (OK OK, it's a 1974 trailer that someone modified with a not worth much but I think I've made my point).

In other cabinet news, they found a new pantry rollout shelves arrangement to replace the hand crushing lazy susan of death that used to be in the corner under the counter near the phone. Remember when you would reach in for a can of something and that thing would suddenly roll shut and smash the crap out of your fingers? I hated that.
They also saw some lovely countertops at places like Menards that look pretty much the same as those at expensive cabinet maker places so there are some good options for saving $$ and still getting a groovy kitchen put back in.

In other news...I have no idea what they ate. I had a lovely tub of left over veggies and rice for lunch and some homemade breakfast bars for all the other meals today.

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Nancy said...

In respect to bamboo floors, they scratch really easily - not one for dogs