Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today's activities were...

insulation and flowers. Fred put in a good portion of the insulation in preparation for the drywall. I unfortunately suck and didn't take a picture of it. It looks like insulation.

Sher's friend Dianne Finley came back down from Elkader and brought a couple friends. (I apologize for not knowing the names. I'll get them in here tomorrow.) They planted flowers!
Here's some pictures since these are more exciting than insulation.

Fred got a couple more tomatoes and peppers from the Brights. These have actual tomatoes and peppers on them! We have a chance of a garden veg during official summer.

Now that I ponder things, this may turn out to be a banner garden year after all. As the plants that people have been bringing are at varying stages of development, Fred may well have the longest producing veggie season in town!


Peppers and 'maters-


There was a large flock (gaggle? covey? herd?) of turkey vultures (buzzards?) right overhead. Fred counted 16.

Tomorrow it's more insulation for Fred. Sher and I are off to look at floors and appliances.

(And yes, I am trying to set a record for the most instances of the word 'insulation' in a blog post that's not specifically describing the installation or manufacturing of insulation.)

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