Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One thing I forgot...

Fred found the drywall at Home Depot for the same price as Menard's. Aunt Sara, Uncle Paul, & Family had sent a gift card for there, so THANKS!!

Everyone in the family has been so generous in so many ways. I'm amazed at the people I talk to who have much bigger families than ours, but they don't help each other. Sure, every one in the pack has had their problems, fights, and whatever, but when the shit hits the fan for someone, we seem to get over it fairly quickly. (not that we're above picking up where we left off once things are cleaned up.)

The support of friends has been great too. People I haven't seen, talked to, and in a couple cases, heard about in years have shown up, sent cards, or called just to offer support.

This is a bit of a "yippee for us" post, but it's late and I'm delirious from lack of sleep. I'll try to go back to being cynical and sarcastic tomorrow.

'night all.


Jill said...

uh...sorry to be picky, but the blog post was about installation of insulation even if the blog itself is not.
nice flowers.

Jill said...

my other comment here was supposed to be linked to a different entry. what the h'?

Pamela said...

don't get picky or you'll be doing this by yourself again.