Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heeeeeeeere's Sherry!

Thanks everyone for following our progress through this disaster! You have all been so caring even though you have had to read whatever it is that my daughters have written; very scary. I don't even want to look at the pictures they've taken when we were looking like s---. We are on the mend now as you can see. Yesterday the dry wall and texture was finished and I did some priming today. Bob is already working on cabinets and the final measurements have been taken for a couple new ones. Joni is going to stain and finish new base and door trim so I did some pricing today; I think it will be pine. Fred filled in some cracks in the back of the bookcase and then, wisely, went fishing.

I'm glad to get to write today's progress because usually anyone I talk to already knows what's going on by reading this blog. Sometimes it's on the blog before I know it!

A big thank you to all of you for so much love and support. We are truly blessed!!!!!


Jill said...

First...does Sher/Mom know which pictures you put in?
And I can't believe you put in the close up photo of my eyebags! God. Why not just use my driver's license photo? Or my passport? Those suck too. Like you.

Jill said...

also, what did you eat?
Doesn't Sher know the blog rules?

Pamela said...

I tried to tell Sher the blog rule about announcing the food, but she told me to 'f@&# off'.
They had fish and salad.

Pamela said...

Oh, and she helped pick the pictures

petesmom said...

I am sooooo glad you included a photo of Fred 'filling in some cracks' - it's so much easier to visualize (eeeeek!) when you have the right photo!

And why should Jill's eye bags be off limits? Everyone gets to see ours all the time!! I think the photos you you girls are just 'precious.'(.?) (Okay PhD - what's the rule on the period and quotes thing??!!)

Fly Right said...

Sher--you must keep us updated on the food. That is Wagner Flood Blog Rule #1! But I'm glad you get a chance to prove your computer prowess (even if Pamela is the one putting in the pictures--which are great). Hope you're all holding up okay. I think it disturbs my parents (in Pella) that I know more about the flooding in Iowa than they do--between this blog and a couple of Cedar Rapids friends' websites, I'm fairly well-informed!

Angelamusings said...

Hi Mrs. Wagner,

I'm glad you have created your own blog -- if for no other reason than self preservation. I know this will make Jill all squirmy, and I hate to do that since she has those baggy eyes to worry about right now, but she is just about one of the best people I know, and I have kept your whole family in my prayers. Stuff like this is just so random and so terrible, but reading about your friends/family/extended friends and how everyone has helped has been great -- renews my faith in good people.

But Laurie is right -- we do need to know what you eat every day. We don't want to live vicariously through you regarding the flood, but we do like to daydream about what vittles you all are gobbling down.

Again, I hope that home will feel like home soon and less like a government issue trailer in the 9th ward. Angela