Wednesday, August 6, 2008


(Jill Posting today, not Pam)

OK, not famous, but the note I left at the Hillcrest Motel (see entry dated June 20) in Luverne, Minnesota is now on the customer notes section of their website. I didn't sign it but it looks like this:

I'm so proud. I left it because I knew they put the notes on the web. Before now the notes were just scanned in with the ripped edges and all. I had ripped a piece of paper into a weird shape hoping that they would scan it in all ratty like it really was. But, now they've cleaned up their act. Oh well. I'm still famous. I can prove it's mine because who else has that scary serial killer handwriting?

Anyway, I talked to Sher and she had some updates and Pam had not been over:

1) She made breakfast bars in an electric skillet and they turned out great.
2) Cathey Avery is bringing breakfast bars as well so they are fully breakfasted (brokefast?)
3) Fred blew a breaker and blamed Sher. He had a skillet, fan, pump, and something else running off the same outlet and when the breaker blew he assumed Sher had started the microwave. Sher don't play that and pointed out that since she was using ZERO appliances and he had like 5 going on one circuit, he'd blown his own breaker. I suggested we stop there with the story because there was no where good to go from that point.
4) The woodwork died long live the woodwork. Joni had taken all the woodwork to her shop in Elkader to redo, but alas and alack, it died. She couldn't get the nails out without splintering it so Sher is going to find new trim and Joni will finish it for her.
5) The bamboo floor installation guy hasn't started yet because the bamboo has to acclimate and he needs to talk to the mothership to make sure they do it right. I think doing it right will be worth it.
6) There was something else...Oh yes, they are headed to Katie's Wedding this weekend. Happy Wedding Katie!

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Fly Right said...

My main form of exercise in my house is when I'm cleaning because the washer/dryer/dehumidifier are on the same circuit as the upstairs window air conditioner and outlets. Jon said he rewired it recently, so I guess I'm back to no exercise. . . The bamboo floor you got will be awesome (and I'm jealous of the cork--my mom said they had a cork floor once and she loved it)! You should try the low VOC paint on the walls and you'll be very green about this whole thing! Can't wait to see the floors all done. Let us know what Katie serves to eat at her wedding!