Thursday, August 7, 2008

battle of the installers

I stopped at fred and sher's after work thinking I could get a few pictures of a partially installed floor but no such luck. Apparently the AC guy said the floor needed to go in first and the floor guy said the AC needed to go first. Floor guy won even though he's a bit small. So AC guy is supposed to be back Friday with an AC unit that was, amazingly enough, delivered exactly on the day that Fred would have told him to cough one up or we'll go elsewhere. I shouldn't be to tough on him though since he did already fix the water heater and softener.
There is underlayment in the kitchen. But it still just looks like plywood, only now it's layed out instead of stacked up.
I'm not sure even floor guy will be back. Maybe next week.

We'll be at Katie's wedding this weekend so updated will be slim.

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