Saturday, August 23, 2008


I decided not to go over to Fred and Sher's today. Mostly because I decided to fall down the basement stairs last night and spend my Saturday sitting on an ice pack.

I did talk to she and she had gone shopping with a couple friends in the morning and just puttered around for the afternoon. Fred had wired up some phone jacks and one assumes he went fishing, but I didn't get an official report on that.

I did put up some pictures on yesterdays post to show the house progress. For today, I'll show some of the garden progress.


Angelamusings said...

Hey Pam,

I haven't commented on your blog because I'm not technically a Wagner, but I have continued to read it and to wish your parents well/marvel at how truly their lives have been turned around. But man, when someone falls down a flight of stairs and crawls to a computer to tell us about it, hobbled over in pain and probably high on Advil, well she at least deserves a note of concern. Hope you are feeling better. Where the @##@$ is that sister of yours? Jill? Jill? Angela

Jill said...

Uh.I WAS CAMPING!!! Geez! Since when is a GULICK allowed to be the boss of a WAGNER. That ain't the way it was at the phone company and that ain't the way it is on the interwebs.

I too am impressed with the photogs when one's @ss hurts.

Anyway, it seems that they may want to soak the garden in poowater every year. It's doing very well.

Fly Right said...

Pamela, I hope your butt is better. Do you find it odd that after all that work on the house you injured yourself in THAT manner? I would think a 2x4 to the head or something would have been more likely. . .