Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pictures, pictures!!

Fred put up a bunch of counters in the basement today and Sher did her usual arrange, re-arrange, clean, arrange.
So rather than blabber on about crap, I'll just put up the pictures.

Here's a counter
Here's the workshop side of the basement
Here's some dinner salads
This is Fred's new bait fridge
Here's the entire contents of Fred's bait fridge.
This is the famous skillet that Sher can cook a 7 course meal in.
Here's another counter. This one has a sink that's not hooked up yet.

This is the evidence in the tree fire investigation.
More evidence- good shot of the char.
Bathroom door

1 comment:

Jill said...

I like the bathroom door.
Maybe they could do what my Plummer landlord did. Just take two panels of a broken folding door from the closet, glue a thing strip of wood on the hinge joint, vertically, add hinges to the far side, and VOILA. A bathroom door approximately 1" too small in all directions. makes for excellent ventilation.
Actually, it works just fine