Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just a quickie

Here's some pictures of the first part of the AC installation.
The guy said he'd work Saturday and Sunday if he needed to get it done. That's pretty nice.

The thing is GIANORMOUS!

It must be twice the size of the old one.

I guess the claim is that more radiator makes it more efficient. Whatever. The inside is mosly empty which you probably can't see in this bad photo. It's looking down in from the top.

Dinner was pork roast

And 'maters.


Jill said...


Sher made a pork roast in an electric frypan? Cripes.

petesmom said...

Pork Roast in an electric frypan? Heck, what has made her a cullinary goddess is the breakfast bars in that same frypan! I bow before you, madam!