Sunday, August 3, 2008

A finished floor.

Fred finished the bathroom floor. It looks nice.

The toilet is still in the bedroom because it will be easier to put the tiles on the wall without it in the way.

He also fixed an outlet- not the electricity part, just the wall.

He also slipped in the river when he was fishing, went up to his chin, and therefore over his chest waders. The only uncommon part of this is that it's August and it may be the first time this summer. These are his socks.

Here's the bean plant, it's growing.

This is a duck that we fed in the back yard.

This is a daisy from Julie K.

There's some sort of wagon wheel in the river.

Here's a close up.

For dinner, Sher was making round steak with onions and tomatoes, with corn on the cob.

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Jill said...

Wow. Fred made it to August before he fell in the river. He needs some water wings.