Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fire in the Hole!!!!!

There was a fire in a hole in the tree at the street end of the drive way. Smoke and all. It smells like a campfire.The neighbor came over and asked Fred if he knew his tree was on fire. Fred put it out with a garden hose.

We suspect one of the local pipe smokers.

Otherwise, there wasn't much going on. Sher did some cleaning and arranging and Fred fished. There is a bathroom door of sorts! Fred and Sher have now permanently moved back into their own bedroom! So they no longer needed the shower curtain at the top of the stairs to keep the auxiliary AC unit's output contained. So it has been re-purposed as a bathroom door. It's much nicer than just announcing to anyone currently present or anyone who might arrive that you need to use the terlet, so don't come down the hall.

We are a classy bunch!

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