Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food and Fridge and Fwoodwork

While I was out of town, David and Keith came down and put in woodwork and mopboard. They got all that they could installed. The only bit that is left is the stuff in and near the kitchen, that we won't know how long to cut until floors and cupboards are in.

When I stopped on Monday, Sher was having drinks and dinner with her business partner. (Fred left Monday morning for a fishing trip to Wisconsin.)
Dinner was zucchini casserole.

Here's pictures of the stuff and some more of the fridge.

Birthday Girl.


Jill said...

I didn't know that you needed a nice shiraz with zucchini casserole. Is that only if you use colby cheese? What if you go way out on a flavor-limb and use medium cheddar?

Pamela said...

Re: Cheddar.

Too much color. We like our food white, green if you must, but mostly white.