Sunday, September 7, 2008

Do we really need kitchen cabinets?

Yes, of course!  But it's amazing how normal can seem so strange after being abnormal for so long.  (This applies to many aspect of our family, but here I'm talking about kitchen cabinets.)  Sara and Slugs brought some BEAUTIFUL rebuilt cabinets yesterday.  After looking at a Sunday school table with rubber tubs underneath for drawers for so long, it makes the kitchen look strange.

But the cabinets are amazing!  Slugs rebuilt the cabinets to be even better than what Sher started with.  They are built with birch plywood rather than the old crappy press board.  And the insides are all nicely finished and varnished "so they'll wipe off nicely".  So he brought up 5 cabinets and said he was bringing 'some extra plywood' to lay on top as a temporary counter, so Sher could still have some work space since she'd have to take out her big table.
So it turns out 'some extra plywood' is a counter top with finished edges AND A BACK SPLASH! 

Slugs cracks me up.  Coming from a long line of half-assers, the care and detail he puts into his temporary solutions baffles me.  It's just SO NICE- so here's the pictures.
(Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the food- it was grilled pork loins.  I didn't think the raw pork was very appealing, and I had to leave before they cooked.)

Here you can see some cabinets and the counter.  For our new viewers, the new stuff is the lower cabinets.
Here's a wider view of the new stuff.
Here's looking from the back entry.
The glued stuff.
The whole she-bang.

This is the only picture I got of Slugs- that's his back.  He has nice legs and he doesn't have lights on his feet- he must have reflective shoes.. 


Jill said...

Those are nice countertops. Will they just keep those and screw the expensive stuff?

Slugs does have nice legs.

petesmom said...

Half-assed? Isn't that a little harsh? I agree, though, they look absolutely beautiful! Hats off to Slugs for his craft and ingenuity!

Pamela said...

Re: Petesmom- Just to clarify- the Wagner's are the half-assers not Slugs.
Did you look at the fish counter that Fred put in the garage?

Anonymous said...

Is Slugs available for hire, or does he only work for relatives who have been the victims of hearbreaking natural disasters?

My the way, the "hiring" has to do PURELY with his cabinet-making abilities, not his legs or his glow-in-the-dark feet. Angela

Pamela said...

If you need a corporate auditor, Slugs might consider an offer. Other work seems to be disaster or familialy inspired.

Anonymous said...

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