Sunday, May 31, 2009

New blog???

Since the flood business has been taken care of, I clearly have not blogged. So I'm thinking of switching this to the "What did Fred and Sher do now" blog. I'll eventually get around to changing the name, but figured I'd make sure that they do enough interesting stuff to make this worth it before I went to the effort.

My concern is that every post will be as follows:
Fred went fishing. Sher cleaned something. They ate fish and salad for supper.
Seriously, that covers most days.

But I'll give it a try. (Oh, and don't forget, I am lazy and will not get around to it a lot. I'm going to work on Sher to get her to do some updating on her own. As you may remember for her previous posts, she's a hoot.)

Well, here we go,

To catch everyone up on the spring events, any day that it was nice, Fred fished and when it wasn't nice, he puttered around in the basement putting up shelves, rearranging his screwdrivers, etc. Mix that in with coffee twice a day, and it's a pretty full schedule.
Sher did these things in order of time spent; cleaned, talked on the phone, went for walks, and worked. I swear Sher cleans the rest of the family drinks (or drank depending on their wagon status.)

More recently they've been a little more interesting. Last Sunday and Monday (Memorial Day), they were in Elkader. Even though it's a bit late for mushrooms Fred found about 3 gallons anyway. A couple were Very big, one was almost a foot tall. Sher and Billie did the cemetery walk with lovely flowers from Julie's shop. (I missed it as that was on Sunday, and I didn't get there until Monday.) Fred fried fish and quite a few people showed up, but we did miss those who weren't there.

The rest of this week has been the standard, although Sher only worked 2 days because some ones' wallpaper didn't arrive on time and Fred fished a bit less because 'the river's screwed up'.

I don't have many good pictures of Fred and Sher stuff, but I do have some good bird pictures from the farm.

This is Fred's new Oriole feeder.

Close up of a jelly cup

Finches fighting at the Farm.

Oriole at the Farm.

Nuthatch? That's what I always think they are. At the Farm.

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