Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Remember the Flood of '08

Or, as someone on youtube.com called it, "June 2009"...duh. But in fairness, he or she is probably pretty stressed.

I'm trying to sort things out so I can go be there. I suppose driving is the best option. Spendy, but so is flying. Let me do the math:

1500miles/30milespergallon = 50gallons. At 4$/gallon that's 200$ each way. 400$ plus 150$for hotel is 550$.

Food won't be much. Say 600$ to drive.

A flight is 1300$ for next week. So, driving it is.

Here's hoping "it's not as bad as it could be" ...famous midwestern saying.

There is a chance people will tell me not to go, but christ, if the house is ruined.

My sister is dealing with it. Her house is OK so far, but the folks have water on the main floor which hasn't happened before. We won't know the extent of the problem until the water goes down and it looks like it is cresting or has crested in the last few hours. Pam has to cope with this.

Everytime Sher leaves town something goes wrong. Pam's boyfriend totalled her car (not his fault...but still) when we went to London 2 years ago. When Sher came to visit me Grampa died while Sher was on the plane from Iowa to Washington. When we went to Wales...well, I came back and ended up with a temporary kid. Now Sher is on vacation in California and we've got floods in the house. I used to think it was me, but I'm not on this trip.

Sher is trying to enjoy the last 2 days of her trip. But I think it's hard.

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